Columbia CROP Hunger Walk

Columbia CROP Hunger Walk

-The Goal: 250 Walkers raising $20,000 to overcome hunger at home and around the world

 What is a CROP Hunger Walk?

A CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walk is an annual event that combines fun and fundraising to raise money for hungry people throughout the world. Walkers invite friends to sponsor them with a contribution of $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, or more. For more info on CROP Hunger Walks, please visit

Who walks?

Anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of hungry people is invited. Walkers come from the religious community, schools, businesses and nonprofit agencies throughout Columbia and surrounding areas.

Why walk?

Hungry people in developing countries typically walk as much as 10 kilometers each day to get food, water, and fuel, and to take their goods to market. CROP Hunger Walk provides us an opportunity to “WALK with the World.” We walk to be in solidarity with their struggle for existence. We walk to make a difference.

Who sponsors the walk?

CROP Hunger Walk is sponsored nationally by Church World Service (CWS), one of the most effective and efficient relief services in the world. Locally, faith groups who have a passion to STOP HUNGER sponsor the walk. They represent a broad spectrum of the Columbia religious communities. Please visit CWS's website by clicking here.

How is the money spent?

75% is distributed by CWS, which since 1946 has carried out global hunger education and provided money for refugees, disaster relief and self-help projects in more than 80 countries. 25% of the money stays here in Columbia and is distributed to local hunger-related agencies. Contributions to the Columbia CROP Hunger Walk since 2001 have gone to the following agencies:

- Loaves & Fishes Community Meal
- Russell Chapel Food Pantry
- The Latter House Food Pantry
- Feed the Community Program Hosted by Fifth Street Christian (DOC)
- Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA)

How can I help?

-Plan to walk or sponsor a walker this year.

Click Donate in the Menu above to make a quick, safe, and secure donation to the Columbia CROP Hunger Walk. You can make a donation to a specific walker, a specific Church or Team, or you can just make a general donation to the Walk.

You can also support the Columbia CROP Hunger Walk by serving on the steering committee and volunteering your time the day of the walk. For more information e-mail Brad at 

Columbia Crop Hunger Walk Hunger Information

- 840 million people are undernourished worldwide - about equal to the population of the Western Hemisphere.
- 1.2 billion people in developing countries live on $1 a day or less.
- 70% of those who suffer from hunger are women and girls.
- 6 million children under age five die each year as a result of hunger.
- More than 33 million U.S. citizens - one in ten households - cannot afford to meet their basic food needs. If they all stood in a line at a food pantry in New York, the line would stretch to Los Angeles and back. Twice.
- One in five U.S. children are born into poverty. One in seven has no health insurance.

Together We Are Making a Difference

  - Child survival programs using simple, inexpensive health formulas save millions of lives.

- International advocacy campaigns to reduce debt have yielded substantial results. For example, with debt relief of $3 billion, Tanzania eliminated elementary school fees. Almost overnight, 1.6 million children returned to school!

What Your Donations Could Do

- Contributions to CWS through the Columbia CROP WALK provide tools of hope around the world:
    $15 can provide a hoe, shovel and vegetable seeds to a farmer in West Africa.
    $25 can provide 5 warm blankets to a refugee family.
    $50 can provide a dozen chicks for egg production in the Caribbean.
    $175 can provide a family-sized tent for disaster victims.